Monday, 16 May 2011

My 13th Birthday

heyy all ,im soo happy that my birthday party is going out well! Fuhh , memenattkan but we really did enjoying ourself ! im celebrating my birthday party in Pizzahut! ok ini adalah party yg sngattt seronok dan sya x akan lupa.. NEVER! Actually sya pernah celebrate d Pizzahut thun lalu(drjah 6) which is soo great but ni tahun lagi BOMBASTIC la XD sya invite 16 kawan2 dan 14 relatives..Unfortunately, two of my friends are unpresent in my party but its okay, there must be a reason why.. Tapi, memang syok la! ok now this is the pictures that I captured;

my birthday banner!

haha,smpat lagi brgmbar.. 

this is the party hats! so cute!

hoho, waiting for friends!

the preparations

some of them coming ;D

hoho, floating balloons(helium)

woohoo! I <3 this part! Anis+Zarif !XD

shareena/putz yo !

zarif wif yamin ^^

taking pictures each other<3

zarif,this is the last moment we spend together.I hope you enjoyed the party.. Bye!:(

urrgh, evelyna again! XD

duii,malu2 lagi bahh XP

peace yo! soo fun !

boys group.

happy! luv the hat ! XD

Happy Birthday to.. YOU! :D

hohoho , itu sja gambar2 sya.. mlas mau upload banyak2 skitt tangan ok nite ! :)

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